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Automatic or manual driving lessons in Falmouth

1st time passer

I needed a licence but was really nervous,over the weeks the nerves vanished


Get high quality manual or automatic tuition delivered by an instructor who cares & get the BEST learning experience! Take your lessons with Maximun Driving School in Falmouth

Lessons designed around YOUR learning style

Everyone learns at a different pace and I use my skill and knowledge to deliver training suited to the individual pupil so you to get the most from your driving lessons.

As your own skill and confidence grows, your lessons are continually adapted to ensure you are always improving and get the maximum benefit from every lesson. You will be 'pushed' but never pressured. This will help you progress as fast as possible through your course.

Why you should choose Maximum Driving School in Falmouth

It can be very hard to choose a driving instructor these days as there's so many! At the Maximum Driving School we have Male and Female instructors and we only use DVSA qualified and approved instructors.

While always professional, your driving lessons will be fun and conducted in a calm and patient manner. I will go out of my way to make you feel comfortable, which puts even the most nervous pupils at ease very quickly.

Automatic and manual Driving lessons throughout Falmouth

DVSA registered & Approved Instructor.

Quality tuition with an instructor who cares!

07812 052 172

Get driving with a Highly recommended driving instructor with an A grade instructor rating,meaning Ashley is rated as being in the top 10% of driving instructors,and with ten years experience you will reach your full potential in less time,making substantial savings on your time as well as your money.
Maximum School of Motoring
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