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Advanced Driving in and around Redruth

Are you looking to improve your driving skills?

If you’re already a full licence holder and find certain aspects of driving difficult, then I can help you to become a more confident driver with advanced driver training. I will tailor make the training to suit your individual needs and any specific areas that you would like to focus on and improve. Although there is no official qualification, I can guarantee that you will come out as a more confident and skilful driver.

The aim of advanced driving tuition is to make you a safe and more competent driver where you choose the main areas and skills that you would like to concentrate on. Some examples of different skills you may want to build confidence in can include:

Driving in all weather conditions
Dual carriageways
Night time driving
Speed awareness
Motorway driving

These are not final and feel free to get in contact if there is anything else you want to work on [phone]

Will doing advanced driving lower my car insurance?

Although this training isn’t recognised by car insurance companies and won’t get you discount, it may reduce your premiums going forward for being a safer driver. Insurance companies offer better rates to motorists with a good, incident-free driving record, meaning the less likely you are to be involved in an accident, then the cheaper your car insurance will be over time.

Are you a qualified instructor?

I am an ex instructor and no longer providing standard driving lessons. So although I am no longer a registered instructor I do have nearly 20 years experience and knowledge in driving tuition.

Can I have more than 1 lesson?

Of course you can! The less time between lessons will help you learn quicker as you will need to spend less time acclimatising yourself to the car each time. Please call to discuss availability.

Can I have lessons more than 1 hour long?

Yes, many pupils find it beneficial to have longer lessons and, depending upon available time slots, 1.5 and 2 hour lessons can be arranged.

Get your B+E (trailer towing) licence with quality tuition from an experienced instructor in and around Redruth
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